About Image Usage

How Can I Use These Images?

Our goal is to make local image purchasing and licensing easier, while also getting a fair price for work of the photographers. When you buy an image on this site, the image is "licensed," which means the photographer is giving you the right to use it. Images on this site are "licensed" for commercial use (that is they can be used for advertisements and promotions) with only two limitations:

  • You cannot give the image to someone else. You may use the image for your own purposes, but you cannot share it with another business, person or organization to use. They must purchase their own "license."
  • You cannot use these images for big national advertising campaigns: The images on this site are intended to be a resource for local businesses and organizations. Big, national brands should contact the photographers directly if they would like to use images from this site in their national advertising and promotional campaigns. The use of these images is limited to advertising and promotional campaigns of less than $200,000. Any use of these images in a campaign valued at more than $200,000 is prohibited.

Failure to abide by either of these rules may result in legal action by either the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce, or the photographer. See the full image Licensing Agreement.

Sell Your Images

Are you interested in selling your local images on this site? We're taking submissions. Contributors are paid monthly for all sales. Contributors are also listed under the photographers section of this site with a bio and contact details (including a website, if you have one). Contact us to get started.

Suggest New Images

Couldn't find the image you're looking for? We're definitely open to ideas. Send us a note about what you're looking for using the contact form and we'll let our photographers know. They might just go get what you need.